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CH Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie (Cream & White British Shorthair)
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CH Purrdelis' Parlez Vous Francais

But if you like, you may call her Simone.  And if you're extra specially nice, you might even call whisper "Monie Love. . ."  Simone is a lovely dilute calico female who was born May 5, 1999.  That makes her the sister of Claudine.  Simone is extremely affectionate, and one of the few of our latest generation of kittens who knows how to give a great head butt.  She split show ring success with her sister Claudine, but has a much more outgoing show presence.  In less tactful terms, she's quite the show off!

Simone's mom is GC Purrdelis' Patty Cake and her dad is GC, RW Devonrose Liberty.


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4wksimone1.jpg (26371 bytes)  4wksimone2.jpg (41976 bytes)

4wksimone3.jpg (32687 bytes)

This is a playful Simone just shy of 4 weeks old...

Here is the gorgeous Simone at 6 weeks of age...

6wksimone1.jpg (22429 bytes)  6wksimone3.jpg (17221 bytes)

7wksimone1.jpg (31079 bytes)    7wksimone4.jpg (32301 bytes)

7wksimone5.jpg (52798 bytes)    7wksimone3.jpg (36491 bytes)

This is Simone at 7 weeks of age...

Here is Monie Love at 13 weeks old...

12wksimone6.jpg (31780 bytes)   12wksimone4.jpg (30966 bytes)

12wksimone5.jpg (42822 bytes)   12wksimone3.jpg (70631 bytes)

5mosimone3.jpg (28498 bytes)    5mosimone2.jpg (28045 bytes)

5mosimone1.jpg (25015 bytes)    5mosimone4.jpg (28700 bytes)

These photos are of Simone at 5 months of age.  Isn't she becoming quite a beauty?

Here is Simone at 6 months old.  Still full of the dickens!

6mosimone2.jpg (31439 bytes)     6mosimone4.jpg (35296 bytes)

6mosimone5.jpg (30193 bytes)


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