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CH Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie (Cream & White British Shorthair)
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GP Purrdelis' Rude Awakening

But he'll only answer to Rudy.  As in "Rooo-deeee, Rooo-deee, Rooo-deee!"  Rudy is a red spotted tabby and white male, born July 17, 1998.   That makes him Jiggy's brother.  Rudy's parents are Rory and Chauncey.   We included a baby picture of Rudy because we know that no one can resist cute kitten pictures!


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3wkrudy1.jpg (26807 bytes)     3wkrolnrud2.jpg (29199 bytes) Rudy is only 3 weeks old here, but showing promise already!  In the 2nd photo, Rudy is pictured with his brother Rolly, who now lives in Canda.
Here is Rudy at 4 months of age.  Does he look as spoiled as he is? 4morudy2.jpg (98699 bytes)  4morudy3.jpg (176165 bytes)

4morudy1.jpg (197276 bytes)  4morudy4.jpg (190303 bytes)

4morudy5.jpg (199195 bytes)

 rudy1.jpg (16587 bytes)  rudynclaire.JPG (15783 bytes)

rudy3.jpg (16710 bytes)  

These are the most recent photos of Rudy, taken just as he turned 8 months old.
Isn't he developing into quite a handsome fellow?

The center photo includes Rudy's sister Claire who lives in Gig Harbor, Washington.

These  photos are of Rudy at 11 months of age.

The bottom photo also features Rudy's other sister, Jiggy.

11morudy1.jpg (18051 bytes)  11morudy2.jpg (13366 bytes)

11morudy3.jpg (27544 bytes) 11mojignrud.jpg (34415 bytes)


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