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CH Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie (Cream & White British Shorthair)
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GC,GP Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie

Please meet one of the latest additions to our breeding family, Scooter Pie.  Scooter earned his name because he is just as sweet as an ice cream treat.  He was born on August 14, 1999, to GC Purrdelis' Gettin Jiggy Wid it and GC, GP Belle-Luna's Cosmo's Moon.  Scooter will be taking his daddy's place as one of our stud males.  But until then, we will enjoy his babyhood.  If you're in the Pacific Northwest and visiting one of our cat shows, you may see Scooter charming the socks of the judges.  One look at his chubby cheeks and it's very difficult not to smile.


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Scooter is just 2 weeks old in the photos to the right. . .

2wkscooter1.jpg (21552 bytes)     2wkscooter3.jpg (37173 bytes)

2wkscooter4.jpg (25799 bytes)

6wkscooter1.jpg (23928 bytes)     6wkscooter2.jpg (23660 bytes)

6wkscooter4.jpg (29411 bytes)

Here is Scooter again at 6 weeks of age. . .

If there was ever a cuter kitten than Scooter, I haven't met him.  Here is Scooter at 10 weeks of age. . .

10wkscooter4.jpg (14325 bytes)     10wkscooter3.jpg (30124 bytes)

10wkscootnyorg.jpg (23404 bytes)     10wkscooter1.jpg (51113 bytes)

3moscooter1.JPG (55837 bytes)    3moscooter5.JPG (19035 bytes)

3moscooter2.JPG (11950 bytes)    3moscooter17.JPG (15204 bytes)

Check out Scooter at three months of age. . . 

And here's our little star again at four months of age. . .

4moscooter4.jpg (69145 bytes)     4moscooter7.jpg (54972 bytes)

4moscooter2.jpg (66317 bytes)

102701Scooter1.JPG (123396 bytes)      102701Scooter2.JPG (93633 bytes)     102701Scooter4.JPG (122874 bytes)

In these recent photos, Scooter is a rather impressive boy of two years of age.  Quite the knockout!


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