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CH Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie (Cream & White British Shorthair)
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CH, PR Purrdelis' Pretty Pauline

Pauline was a cream mackerel tabby spay.  She was born 3/5/97 and was our last remaining kitten from our original stud male, our very special boy, George.   Much to our dismay, Pauline decided that she did not want to be a breeding kitty.   She told us in no uncertain terms that she would have NOTHING to do with boys.   She mentioned something about boy germs. . .

Pauline also informed us that she would not tolerate even the most occasional show.  So she lived in permanent retirement, and was as happy as a clam!  She enjoyed kicking back and catching a baseball game, and she almost convinced me that she would have caught one of those baseballs being tossed around on the TV one of these days!

Unfortunately, Pauline won't have that chance.  She passed away November 19, 2001, at the very young age of 4 1/2 years.  Pauline was given her loving heart from her precious father George.  And as loving as it was, that poor heart was destined to fail her before she (or we) was ready.  

Pauline, there is a huge hole in our cat family where you used to be a major part.  You are missed every day -- and especially at night when you slept by my side.  You are loved and thought of daily.


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paulinepro1.jpg (83136 bytes)     pauline2.jpg (83136 bytes) These professional photos of Pauline were taken when she was 6 months old.
These photos feature a mature, glamorous Pauline at two years of age. Pauline2.JPG (19786 bytes)   Pauline3.JPG (23644 bytes)

Pauline4.JPG (25270 bytes)   Pauline1.JPG (21769 bytes)

102701Pauline1.JPG (192590 bytes)     102701Pauline2.JPG (155596 bytes)     102701Pauline3.JPG (155849 bytes)

102701Pauline4.JPG (146709 bytes)     102801Pauline1.JPG (153900 bytes)     102801Pauline2.JPG (161869 bytes)

102801Pauline4.JPG (185779 bytes)     102801Pauline6.JPG (119275 bytes)     102801Pauline5.JPG (134871 bytes)

These fabulous photos were taken of Pauline a little less than a month before she died.

As you can see, she was a vibrant and playful girl.


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