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CH Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie (Cream & White British Shorthair)
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Sashimi-Kats Caliente of Purrdelis

What kind of cat is that?  You may be thinking those exact same thoughts.  Cal is an Oriental Shorthair.  He is a red spotted tabby -- and what a fabulous red he is.  Cal was born January 9, 2001.  Cal came to us from Leslie Bloxton of SashimiKats, and it was love at first sight (from the time I spotted him with his white litter mate at a May 2001 show.)  

Cal is Scooter's best buddy.  He is very active, yet finds plenty of time to cuddle under the fleece blanket after much romping.  He is not afraid of all the big Brits that he lives with.  He has long arms with which to get in the first and last swat!

Cal's not really sure if he ever wants to be a show cat, but we think he is pretty darn handsome.


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Cal is pictured above with Chloe.

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