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CH Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie (Cream & White British Shorthair)
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CH, GP Purrdelis Vangogh Sheza Work-of-Art

Because that name is such a mouthful, we prefer to call her Chloe.   Chloe is a dilute calico van-patterned spay who was born June 16, 1997.  Chloe is a favorite wherever she may be.   No one can resist falling in love with her or her contagious purr.  Whether it's at home entertaining guests or snagging a nap in an available lap; or even at a show playing with the judges' toys -- she never fails to bring a smile to your face.  Chloe takes time to grace a few shows between play sessions.   Chloe recently became a Grand Premier!  Yay!  Join us in congratulating Chloe's parents, C.C. and Patty Cake.


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chlokit1.jpg (168233 bytes)     chlokit2.jpg (191733 bytes) Here is our little cutie at 3 months of age.
These professional photos were taken when Chloe was 6 months old. chloe1.jpg (72740 bytes)     chloe2.jpg (75154 bytes)
2yrchloe5.JPG (10627 bytes)  2yrchloe6.JPG (11300 bytes)

2yrchloe1.JPG (44866 bytes)  2yrchloe3.JPG (5532 bytes)  chloe3.JPG (22342 bytes)

These recent photos feature Chloe at almost 2 years old.  We think she's still as cute as a kitten.
We thought you'd like these photos of Chloe posing in a swimsuit -- her glamour shots! 2000ChloeSwimsuitModel.JPG (50993 bytes)     2000ChloeSwimsuitModel2.JPG (55338 bytes)      2000ChloeSwimsuitModel3.JPG (62314 bytes)
102801Chloe.JPG (111559 bytes) And here is the little doll again, at 4 years of age.


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