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CH Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie (Cream & White British Shorthair)
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GC, GP, RW Purrdelis' Chauncey's Cherub

Better known as C.C.!  C.C. is a Grand Champion cream and white van-patterned bi-color neuter who was born April 9, 1996.  C.C. is now a Grand Premier, having recently attained his new title at a show in Portland, Oregon!  C.C. had a short breeding career, but the kittens that he produced were truly wonderful, loving kittens.  You can see two of them, Chloe and Big Mac in this photo album.  (Just click on their names!)  And just added, photos of his last baby, Katie, in our new Scrapbook page.


Click here to see CC's Achievements   1stprize.gif (3674 bytes)

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cc4o5mo3.jpg (5584 bytes)     cc4o5mo1.jpg (5274 bytes)     cc4o5mo4.jpg (5093 bytes) We included these baby pictures of C.C. because we know that it's hard to resist cute kitten pictures!
He is 4 months old in the picture to the left.
In the photos to the right, C.C. is a mature male of 2 years old.  Notice his jowls.
He was still a breeding kitty in these photos.
Cc1.jpg (71930 bytes)     Cc2a.jpg (35856 bytes)
Cc1.jpg (28772 bytes)  Cc2.jpg (36773 bytes)  Cc3.jpg (13347 bytes) In the photos to the left, CC is about to turn 3 years old at the time these were taken.
Notice that his jowls have shrunk due to his neutered status.
We think he is still pretty manly!
In these latest photos, C.C. is a mature cat of 5 years old.  Still as playful as ever. 102801CC1.JPG (150895 bytes)     102801CC2.JPG (106014 bytes)     102801CC3.JPG (84357 bytes)      102801CC4.JPG (121987 bytes)


C.C.'s Achievements

In 1997 C.C. became the first Van-Patterned British Shorthair Grand Champion.

ccsregwin.jpg (44225 bytes) In 1998 C.C. earned the award of Best Other Color British Shorthair in the Northwest Region of CFA
In 1998 C.C. earned the National award of Best Other Color British Shorthair in all of CFA ccsnatwin.jpg (46877 bytes)
In 1999 C.C. earned the Regional Award of 6th Best Cat in Premiership in the Northwest Region of CFA


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