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Please note:  Purrdelis does not breed British Shorthairs but read on for general information about the breed. . .

Welcome to Purrdelis!

Thank you for stopping by the Purrdelis web site!   That's Purrdelis, pronounced:

Purr - duh - lee

roughly translated as, "Purrs by Lisa"

This site is dedicated to the beautiful pedigreed cats that have been a part of our lives since we invited our first British Shorthair home in 1994.  From that time, many wonderful cats have graced us with their sweet and loving personalities; and we hope for many more years with these wonderful companions.

To assist you in your visit, we have included an outline of our site below.  

What's New! - Check this page for all the latest happenings at Purrdelis.  We will announce new Grand Champions and Grand Premiers (Yay!) and any other special events.

Information - This page offers you background on our cattery as well as links to general information on the British Shorthair breed (our favorite).

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Photo Album - This page is a must see!  The Purrdelis photo album opens the door to photos of our wonderful cats.  Here you can visit:


The Hall of Fame allows us to brag about some of our "children's" accomplishments. 


Retired Family features our retired show and breeding cats who lounge 
the days away.


Memory Lane is dedicated to those special kitties that are no longer with 
us, but are never far from our hearts.


Scrapbook is a photo gallery of past Purrdelis' babies in their new homes with their new families

Cool Links - On this page we have placed links to other web sites that are either cat-related or British Shorthair specific.  You may link to other breeders' pages as well as sites that specialize in cat-related products.  Enjoy the surf!  If you're in the market for some great pet products, be sure to visit my affiliates by clicking on the links below    

Enjoy your cyberstay with our fabulous feline family!  And come back often!


How to Contact Us

a_kneading.gif (10823 bytes)Thanks again for visiting our web site.  If you have any questions about our cats or the British Shorthair cat in general, please drop us an e-mail and Lisa will get back to you.   Be sure to let us know that you visited our web-site.  And also, we really appreciate knowing where you are writing to us from -- so be sure to include that information too!

Contact Information
        Lisa Kamm-Mischel

        Bothell, Washington  USA
        (about 10 miles north and east of Seattle)

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