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CH Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie (Cream & White British Shorthair)
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Purrdelis' Photo Album

Welcome to the photo album page for Purrdelis British Shorthairs.  This page  serves as a map to guide you to the various photo collections of our feline family.   Below is a brief explanation of each collection of photos.  Click on the heading names below to view the album page described.

Hall of Fame

The cats pictured in our Hal of Fame are those that have achieved the title of Grand Champion (GC) or Grand Premier (GP), or the much coveted title of Distinguished Merit (DM).  Other Hall of Fame kitties may have received Regional (RW) or National (NW) awards.  We are very proud of all our kitties' achievements.  Please note that all titles are CFA titles, unless otherwise noted.



Retired Family

The cats on this page are spayed or neutered, and may be retired after a breeding career.  Some of the cats on this page are still making the rounds on the show circuit.  But whether these cats are "working for their kibble" or not, they are certainly still valuable and treasured members of our family.




The photos in our scrapbook are sent to us from families who have adopted one or more of our bouncing, Brit babies.  We love to receive updates on all of our babies -- it's great to be able to see how they grow.  We thought you might enjoy those pictures as well.


Memory Lane

This is the page where we remember the cats that are no longer with us in body, but will always be with us in spirit.  Take a moment to visit the cats who have meant so much to us, that we do not want them to be forgotten.


Enjoy the photos!


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