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CH Purrdelis' Sweet Scooter Pie (Cream & White British Shorthair)
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Purrdelis' Background Information

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Please note:  Purrdelis does not breed British Shorthairs but read on for general information about the breed. . .

Who We Are

Me with foundation kitties Sassycat and ChaunceyPurrdelis is a cattery that is registered with The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) and also the American Cat Fanciers' Association (ACFA).  We are a small cattery with only six retired show cats in residence.

Who is at work behind the scenes at Purrdelis?   Well, there's me, Lisa Kamm-Mischel (Mother of Furries) and many fabulous felines.  I have been involved in showing and breeding British Shorthairs since 1994, though I am not actively breeding any longer.  But, of course, have been owned by cats most of my life.  When not fawning over my feline menagerie, I work for the City of Bellevue, offering computer support to the Utilities Department.  

Our cattery is located in Bothell, Washington, which is about ten miles north and east of Seattle.  


Our Mission and Philosophy


Loving dispositions via individual attention and pampering. . .

At Purrdelis, we are dedicated to fostering the sweet, loyal and loving disposition of the British Shorthair.


Spoiled first, "career" second. . .

We place the health and welfare of our cats first above showing them or breeding them.  


Respect. . .

Each cat and kitten in our household has received the individual attention it needs to be a friendly and playful family companion.  


Altered cats are happy cats. . .

All the cats in the Purrdelis household are spayed or neutered.


All The Colors of The Rainbow

British Shorthairs come in many fabulous colors besides the solid gray or blue cat they are most commonly known for.   Because we prefer colors other than blue, we like to refer to our family as the Rainbow Coalition.   Our color specialties are bi-colors, cream tabbies and dilute calicos.

Colors of cats we have shown include:


cream, which is a dilute form of red (orange);


blue/cream, which is a dilute tortoiseshell and always female;


dilute calico, a blue, cream and white cat, which is the dilute of a dominant calico (see graphic at right above), a black, red (orange) and white cat that is always female; and


blue, which is a dilute of the color black.

Click here to see a Color Chart of the above colors.

For additional information, please Visit the following pages:

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